Tuesday, April 1, 2014

go green challenge: work out essentials

for the month of april we would like to challenge you & ourselves to GO GREEN.
this month we will celebrate earth day, and i thought since this month reminds us to take
care of our planet, i figured this month we should also take care of ourselves.

to break & start a habit takes 30 days.

whats the challenge?
Go green.

let me break it down for ya.
as someone who has been a vegetarian for the past six years it takes discipline to say no to bbq
& chicfila but what takes even more discipline is to go vegan. as much as i would love all of our
readers to go vegan this month..
i want to challenge you to replace something like meat, dairy, sweets for veggies.. fruits.. and exercise.

kait & i are going vegan this month. we will be posting more about health, yummy vegan recipes, what
we are doing during our workouts.. etc.

so are you up for the challenge?

i love to work out. since i have been dating andrew its been really hard for me to go to the gym.
because lets face it, once we get a boyfriend we get comfortable.
find ourselves snuggling on the couch and stuffing our faces with pizza & mac n cheese.
over the weekend i started a juice cleanse with my favorite juicers suja. i will share more about my juice
clease.. but anyway, i made myself to get back into the routine of the gym. let me tell you, that first day
back was hard. but i listened to my current audible book (divergent) and motivated myself to do it!
it feels good to be back in the gym. so i wanted to share with you my work out essentials.

 //1. my phone. this is a given. while i am working out i am either listening to M.I.A's latest album
to keep me pumped or my audible book. which i am completely addicted to divergent

//2. this blender bottle that i got from tjmax. its great for making protein shakes or to keep you hydrated

//3. these dermalogica pre cleanse wipes. don't get me started on dermalogica. one day i would
love to share with you all my skin care reg. but i was so happy when dermalogica came out
with a makeup removal // pre cleanse wipe. nothing is worse than having a grueling, sweaty
work out and leave the gym feeling like your pores are totally clogged with dirt. i always keep
these in my gym bag. washing my face with these always leaves me feeling clean & ready to go!

//4. last but not least a yummy suja juice. i always leave the gym hungry. and it doesn't help that
the gym i go to is right across the street from a taco bell. i always bring a juice with me to
help with the hunger and give me what my body is really craving!

i am so looking forward to the next month and can't wait to hear if you all join us for the
go green 30 day challenge!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane 


  1. I am 24, (25 soon), and an artist/ art teacher/ photographer, and I used to be a ballerina. I had foot surgery in january and had to be on bed rest for two months. I'm finally coming out of it. Before surgery I was always excited about eating more veggies, fruits, and anything that is healthier or that has nutritional value. I love nutrition and being a dancer I knew how I had to fuel my body and maintain it so that I could do the challenging work out for performances and practice. Two months of bed rest and pain medication has really thrown my body off. It's so hard to get back into the way I was before with going to the gym because I go to physical therapy three times a week and just started driving again, and am wearing a large boot shoe to help me walk better. I've had to develop new ways of engaging core exercise, get my stamina back, and use my leg muscles without walking. THankfully I found good ways to do all these, and I can go to the gym on the stationary bike! Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can invest in, taking care of your body and feeding it to fuel it allows for more energy. I get so hungry and ravenous after I work out and I eat almonds, and drink carnation instant breakfast, chocolate milk. It has all these nutrients in it, and helps out iron and carbs, protein ratio! I just wanted to share that I first started following mermaaidy on IG bc her style is very similar to my own, and because I live for that excitment of nature, mountains, and outdoors too.

    I wish both you girls the best with everything, and this past week I've been reading your blog and I enjoy it! so thank you! :)

    Annie Cullen , From Pennsylvania

  2. Also, Chelsea, is your iphone case made from pressed flowers? it just looks like it is..im down with that haha. :) <3

  3. Looking forward to hearing about the Suja cleanse and how it went for you!

    - sarah

  4. Love this! I am doing the Whole 30 for the month of april...which is essentially paleo with a few more restrictions. I was excited to see that you two are going to be posting recipes! Cant wait to incorporate them into my month of cleansing!


  5. I totally agree with you! Romantic relationships have this tendency to make us somewhat complacent about fitness, and we have to remember that it is a lifetime process. Good for you on deciding to go back to your gym and routine! And these work-out essentials look great! Good luck on restarting the workouts and staying fit!

    Ari @ InFighting