Monday, April 28, 2014

makeup monday: chelsea's routine

morning: dermalogica's ultra rich body cream & usually i use the dermalogica special cleansing wipes but i am out! so right now
i am using my second favorite neutrogena's makeup wipes. in the morning i like to cleanse my face with makeup wipes because i am
usually rushing out the door so it leaves my face feeling clean & refreshed. i can't begin to stress how important moisturizing is.
i have found that moisturizing my skin leaves it super hydrated & soft. when I moisturize my face i do it in an "upward" movement,
i start from the bottom of my face with my palms and go to my forehead. this is a great way to help prevent your skin from drooping
(not going to lie i have a fear of growing old & having wrinkles!).
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afternoon: sunscreen. you guys, using sunscreen is so so important! for those of you that can sit in the sun & bake, please PLEASE put on sunscreen.
i will make this quick or i will rant on all day: what you do to your skin now will affect the way you look in the future. being 25 i have found a few wrinkles on my face. using sunscreen is helping prevent future wrinkles & helps keeping my face & skin healthy and strong.
i can go on all day about how tanning isn't good for you but i will stop now..
currently i am using ULTA's brand of sunscreen, i use SPF 55.

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makeup:  1. laura mercier tender rose powder 2. brushes from bare minerals 3. revlon racy rose pink
blush 4. revlon's blackest black liquid eyeliner 5. covergirl flamed up mega curl mascara 6. revlon lip butter candy apple red 7. urban decay naked basic eye shadow (& urban decay pore perfecting complexion primer) 8. not pictured* dermalogica skin perfect primer

dermalogica's skin perfect primer is the key element to my makeup routine! it's similar to a bb cream but
after trying out all different brands of bb cream i had found that dermalogica's primer just worked the best. and what i love most about it is that it makes my face feel baby soft, it also has SPF 30 in it.

i always put on moisturizer on my face or spf before putting any makeup on. since i don't wear any
liquid foundation, using the moisturizer or the primer really helps hold my makeup on my face.


1. dermalogica's special cleansing gel 2. dermalogica's age smart eye cream (made out of silicone)
3. dermalogica's barrier repair moisturizer (made with silicone) 4. clear start spot treatment
5. sometimes i will have a spa night & use this mask that kaitlin featured from forever 21,
tonight i plan on using the papaya one!

my favorite part of the day is coming home and taking my "mask" off and letting my face breathe.
lately i have been trying to spend days wearing no makeup and i have found that it has done my skin
wonders. thankfully over the past year and changing my skin care routine over to dermalogica i have
not suffered any skin challenges. i would always recommend trying their products, you can either order
them online or going to your local UTLA store or salon that sells it!

happy makeup monday!
 x's & o's, 
chelsea diane

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