Saturday, April 19, 2014

coffee iced cubes

the past two weeks i enjoyed warm virginia weather.
i got inspired to make iced coffee cubes from seeing regular iced cubes
melt in my iced coffee… lets be honest, no one likes a watery iced coffee.

this is as simple as it gets you guys.

how i made it:

//1. i made the coffee with my french press, so the coffee iced cubes would be nice & strong.

i had a lot of coffee left over so i put the left overs in the fridge so i could enjoy nice cold coffee.

//2. pour the iced cubes into your ice tray & let it cool before you put it in the freezer

//3. i let mine freeze for two days

//4. pop it out & enjoy!

really hoping the warm weather would make its way back to us in southern virginia!

now i am off to shoot a rainy wedding!

happy saturday!

x's & o's,
chelsea diane


  1. That's a great idea! Thank you for the tip

    Happy Easter!

    xx Sonichka