Sunday, April 13, 2014

sunday snaps: palm sunday

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"They took branches of palm trees & went out to meet Him, crying out, 
"Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the king of Israel."
  ++ John 12:13

As we enter into Easter, Kaitlin & I will be sharing more about our faith, and our
relentless love for our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ.

Thats the great thing about having this space because we get to share all of our passions,
but one thing we haven't been able to share as much as we should is our faith.

this past year has been a crazy one for kaitlin and i. we are so thankful for this
roller coaster year of pain, tears, but rainbows of happiness… because it
brought us to the idea of having this blog.


++ lets talk about the beauty of spring in seattle. i can't handle it. i wish i were there with kaitlin adventuring!
this week has been a good week for this girl. she landed a job, spent time picnicing, enjoying the sunshine that seattle rarely gets to see..


++ this week i spent a lot of time outside as the warm weather made its presence in VA. it's been so fun going out and taking photos with andrew as he starts his journey with film photography!
lately i have felt so uninspired, but i am so thankful for the beautiful flowers that have given me so much inspiration!

 oh, and we can't forget about this snap..


happy palm sunday & happy birthday to my dad!

x's + o's, 
chelsea diane


  1. You guys love Jesus?? Amen sisters, so do i! Looking forward to reading more about your faith.

  2. Really excited to read about your walk with Jesus!

    - sarah

  3. so so happy you guys will be sharing more about your relationships with jesus! i love it!