Thursday, April 3, 2014

let's eat: vegan tomato sandwiches

this is a lunch my dad used to make for my brother and i when we were kids every summer. i didn't love tomatoes much at all, but these open-faced sammies were one of my favorites and something i always looked forward to! containing 3 simple ingredients, tomatoes, cream cheese, and bread, mostly everyone can enjoy them!
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of course, for the month of our 'go green' challenge, using traditional cream cheese for this snack is not allowed, so i made a trip to trader joe's and found all the necessary ingredients in vegan form. there are only 3 ingredients for this quick lunch, snack, or appetizer!
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you will need:
  • large tomatoes [any number, depending how many sandwiches you plan to make]
  • plain vegan cream cheese [or regular if you are non-veg]
  • multigrain or rye bread, darker bread tastes better [make sure it's vegan, look for the V symbol]
  • sea salt + pepper, or other seasonings
  • optional: red or any kind of onion on top
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1. slice the bread to desired thickness, and the tomatoes to a similar thickness as the bread.
2. spread the cream cheese on the bread, using as much as you like.
3. place a tomato slice on top, i usually cut mine in half so it fits!
4. sprinkle a generous amount of salt + pepper, and add red onion if you'd like for extra flavor!

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all the ingredients i used for this can be found at trader joe's, but you can always use non-vegan ingredients as well! i grew up eating the non-vegan version and i find these to taste nearly the exact same! other variations of this open-faced sandwich can be made by replacing the tomato with radishes or cucumber.

experiment with new toppings and seasonings, try it vegan, and let me know what you think!
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happy eating!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine

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