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f+f feature: TEMPER

a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of meeting up with jesse morrow, filmmaker and designer at morrow design co. and jewelry designer of TEMPER. upon meeting him and learning about who he is and what he does, i learned about the jewelry line he has created and designed with his partner anna mischke.

the jewelry itself is simple, delicate and super wearable, [exactly my style] and unlike many other brands, TEMPER is manufactured 100% fair trade in Cambodia, using recycled bullet cases from the genocide that has taken place there. wow! i was intrigued to learn more and definitely honored to add some TEMPER pieces to my collection. 

read on to learn more about this amazing brand from my short interview with anna & jesse and where to get your own TEMPER!
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1 // give us the scoop: what is temper all about?
It can be quite difficult to bundle TEMPER into a short story because, oh! What a fun story it is- but in short, we the designers- Anna and Jesse- have been friends for a long time. We've learned what the other likes, what makes them tick, what interests each other, and how we can work together in various capacities. It's an extremely collaborative friendship, but nothing was truly able to come from it until Anna moved to Cambodia and Jesse came for a visit last August. During our time in Phnom Penh together, we really felt a draw and push to utilize our creative strengths and TEMPER was born. We are a fair trade jewelry line from Cambodia that produces quality pieces that pack a punch, while being elegant: hence our tagline "understated/statement". 
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2 // where did your idea or inspiration to start a jewelry line come from? 
We visited our workshop, that creates other lines as well, while volunteering for a project and immediately connected with the team. We were in awe of what they could do- their skills, their passion- and we wanted to tap into that and support it. Anna loves jewelry... a lot (she's a bit of a magpie), and Jesse has a natural eye for style and design so it just kind of made sense to fuse to the two things together.
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3 // what does the name mean and where did it come from?
TEMPER is a fairly nebulous name and can be seen or understood from so many angles- much like our product. The temper of someone doesn't necessarily have to be anger or a rise in frustration, rather it can be someone's state of mind- their sense of being and disposition. The name also brings in the tempering process of the metals that are used in the creative process (recycled bullet casing and bomb shells)- melding things together that don't necessarily look like much at the beginning but somehow end up as these glorious little things that we look at and think "wow, that's really gorgeous." Temper also brings the history of Cambodia into the mix- it's had more than a difficult time and is still healing from a devastating and recent past, we do have a temper about what the country and it's people have gone through. It's angering, it boils our blood. So there's some real temper there...
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4 // why is being fair trade important to you?
Being fair trade in a world where so many individuals are taken advantage of for commercial purposes is extremely important to us because we lead lives that are privileged, happy, and we're more than taken care of- we want the same for anyone we collaborate with. We know we can't necessarily save a life through selling a piece of jewelry, but we want to work with artisans who are treated fairly and with dignity- especially in a place where workplaces can be so toxic. We could easily mass produce in China or even Bali- but we feel that it's important to support and be part of an emerging market and growing community, we feel very honored.
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5 // will you be expanding the line with more pieces such as bracelets, earrings, etc?
Oh heck yes! We are currently working on additional designs for the collection at the moment- so keep your peepers peeled! Earrings are a definite must-add to the collection, but quality control comes first so we have to make sure we can find the proper materials and understand the best ways of creating things which takes time! It can be difficult to be patient- but know it's vital in the long run to have strong pieces that last and linger. We are taking time also to find the demand. What do people want? What do people like? It's all in understanding our market and getting a feeling for what makes people go, "Yes! I want to wear that!" Those are the reactions we want.
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6 // where do you hope to see temper going in the future?
We would really love to see TEMPER take off not only as a brand- but also to raise awareness of things happening around the world, particularly in Cambodia. Since Anna is based there, she continues to gain understanding and insight into the culture and wants to be able to share that with people- not only stateside but eventually across the globe. We may have a small following now, but we would love to increase production not just for TEMPER itself, but the people we work with so they can continue to flourish and grow.
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the jewelry comes in either gold or silver [i always prefer gold!] and are crafted from brass bullet and bomb shell casings and plated with 18k gold or white platinum. i have the stacking rings and tear drop pendant ring, mine have not tarnished, are lightweight, comfortable and stay on my fingers nicely.
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needless to say, i am all for supporting brands who stand for good causes, helping people, recycling, and making the world a better place. stop and think before you purchase that cheap $2 metal ring that will inevitably turn your finger green-- think about the bigger picture and invest in beautiful pieces that will last, and you'll know you're contributing and supporting something bigger than your shopping habits.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug
above are just a few of the pieces to choose from,
you can see the whole line here ---->> TEMPER BRAND

+ enter the code: feelandflourish20 to receive 20% off your order today through april 22nd!

++ look out for expansion in their line, looking forward to seeing bracelets and earrings in the future!
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thanks to multitalented jesse morrow for all the above photos and the beautiful jewelry!

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