Thursday, June 19, 2014

the chelsea diaries

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 so for the past few years i have always joked around about writing a book called the "chelsea diaries." why you ask?because my life has turned out to be a comedy. from horrific dating stories to crazy wedding gigs, some of these stories just have to be shared.

i am going to start off and tell you a few of my horror wedding stories.


when i first started shooting weddings, i basically was that typical starving artist that was booking anyone and everyone. i would even book weddings from far distances, and having no clue what the looked like. i didn't think at the time to stalk their Facebook or ask for their photo (or Skype). 
(i will not be using any names just incase they come across this post)

story #1: star wars 

around 2011 my friend ariel and i headed up to northern virginia to shoot a wedding. i booked this wedding and only really had contact with the groom, so therefore i wasn't getting a lot of info on the details of this wedding. 
so we met up with them at the hotel then headed to the church. the church was this big baptist church with high ceilings and no windows. it felt like a big black square. upon arriving to the church, which again i will repeat myself that this was indeed a baptist church we were greeted by a priest. so, we found out that we were shooting a catholic wedding in a baptist church.
wedding guests started pouring in and before we knew it the wedding was about to begin. everyone rises for the bride as she slowly walks down the isle crying to the slow version of the hit "just beat it" by michael jackson. the wedding goes on and during the middle of the ceremony the priest points at myself and my second shooter, ariel to tell us to stop taking photos. he's not just telling us this, he was yelling at us and grabbing our cameras. (note: they did not tell us that at any point we shouldn't take photos)
they pronounce them husband and wife.. they begin walking down the isle to the star wars theme song.
& they lived happily ever after.

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more stories from the chelsea diaries coming soon!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane 


  1. How traumatic!! That would scar me for life.;) Good for you for keepin' at it. Your work is absolutely lovely.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. That is both traumatic and hilarious all at ounce! Please keep these coming!