Thursday, June 12, 2014

dairy of a cat lady part ii

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hey there! jackson and evie here reporting from our favorite place, the living room.
we spend the day laying besides the window, daydreaming and looking at the rain.
evie helped clean my ears & i slept, a lot. but thats what cats do right?

we thought we would give mom a day off from blogging. so we wanted to give
you all an update on whats going on in our world.

Jackson: 10 months

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you can call me jackson, or jax. i like jackon because it sounds manly.
i am the man of the house. i think my humans boyfriend, i think they call him
andrew, thinks he is the man of the house.. but he is wrong. i claimed my territory
the day i walked in, when i was 4 weeks old.

i love flowers. not in the girly way, but i love the way they taste. my human always
gets so mad at me when i start to chomp away on the peddles. when she is not looking
i take a bite and then i drink out of her water cup.

speaking of chomping.. i love food. whenever i get the chance i am eating. i think  this is why
my belly is so big and soft. i would love to eat people food but mommy never lets me. when
she isn't looking i always try to get a taste of her food. one time i was successful and had a taste
of her milk in her cereal. it was amazing!

i love to sleep during the day. the sun relaxes me but at night i love to tackle my sister evie.
she is my best friend.

let me tell you a bit about bonnie. my humans boyfriend andrew brought bonnie over when i was a
baby. at first i was scared of her because i had never seen anything like her before. even though she
is not a kitty, i think she is beautiful. i love the way she smells and sometimes i sneak in her cage
just so i can take a whiff of her blanket. whenever she lets me i like to cuddle with her in our bed.
maybe one day she will love me the way i love her.

my second love is boxes. shoe boxes, big boxes, i could lay in them all day long..

Evie: 10 months

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okay okay, i know jackson thinks he is such a tough guy but he is not.
i am the true worrier of this house. i mean look at my nose.. no that is not poop, that indeed is a scab.
i earned that scab by picking a fight with the one they call bonnie and of course i won.
these sharp beautiful claws i have keep me the winner of all of our games.

i know as a girl kitty i am supposed to be dainty and cuddly. but frankly i am not.
i rather be playing, or laying in the sun instead of letting my human pet me.
but when she is not looking, i will give her a kiss on the face.. usually when she is sleeping,
when she is helpless.

i love dog food. i am not going to lie. i love to eat it. i know it's bonnie's but i love the way it tastes.
andrew, gets so mad at me for eating it, but he doesn't realize that he isn't my master. i am my own

i long to live outside. i play this game where i wait for my human to get home and i dash out the door.
i just want to be outside with the birds and run everywhere.

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well, this is it for us. we have to head back to the window and stare at all the creatures that walk passed us.
and plus, it's almost bonnie's dinner time.. so we need to try to get a sample of what she's eating tonight.
ps. thanks bonnie for the fleas, you jerk.

meow & meow,
jackson + evie