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guy day friday: nate embrey

ladies & gents, we introduce you our latest series : guy day friday.

feel + flourish is a lady blog. but, as ladies we do enjoy a little eye candy. (yes, my boyfriend will be featured in the future because he is the ultimate eye candy) 

we wanted to bend the rules & try something new.

this is my friend nate. he's like a brother to me. he & my boyfriend are in a serious bromance. nate is a photographer, traveler & coffee lover. 

get to know him here!
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1. Name // age // location // occupation-Nate (Nathaniel James) Embrey // 31 // Ohio ’til I Die, but only for another week until I relocate to Seattle, Washington // Photographer/Creative Director
2. What inspires you?
In terms of motivation to do or complete something, I think I’m inspired most by the people who are important to me and accomplishing whatever that something is either for them or in spite of them. If we’re talking less about motivation and more about things that make me “feel” inspired, then I’m not sure that I exactly know. I think beautiful things in general are often vehicles for inspiration. It’s not uncommon for a song or a photograph or something in nature to catch me off-gaurd and take me someplace without my even being ready for it.
3. Who's your man crush?
I binged true detective months ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Matthew McConaughey saying “then, somewhere in that blackness she slipped off into another deeper kind” ever since. 
4. What fashion trends are you diggin right now?
I’m digging simple a lot as of late. For me that means something like a tank and a flannel with a pair of jeans and good boots. For a girl it could easily be the same thing. I’m am, however, an eternal sucker for skinnies and flats and have been super into the doubled-up light denim I’ve been seeing a bit of this spring. Also, baggy anything is radical. P.s. the biggest sunglasses you can find.
5. What are you currently listening to?
Jackson Browne and a lot of him. Gillian Welch is excellent summer music so I’m trying to get back on that vibe right now. Ry X, Perfume Genius and Poliça have been getting a lot of plays and I’m also an unapologetic Connor Oberst fan. His new album is fantastic. 
6. You are friends with Noah Gunderson.. What is your favorite thing about his music and your friendship?
I was fortunate enough to book Noah for a one-off show in my hometown a little over a year ago. He poured me some Jameson and we talked for a while and I realized after about two seconds that he was a very honest, very genuine guy. I was a into his music for the same reasons so it was nice to see that reflected in who he was as a person. Getting to know him better since then has only confirmed that. He’s one of the few friends I have who are down to talk about heavy things and give their opinions while still listening to/considering what other people are saying. That’s a rarity and I appreciate him for it.
7. Ideal girl?
I could get philosophical about this but I’m choosing not to. Instead I’ll just say intelligent and honest. There are a lot of things I would be thrilled about if they were added to those characteristics but I think those two things make up a huge part of what I look for in a woman. I think that inside of intelligence there’s space for things like depth and wit and the capacity for empathy. Likewise, someone who works hard at being honest is able to better relate to people, see things more for what they are and put their personal prejudices aside when they need to. Those are all things that are hugely important to me in a relationship, the rest is somewhat peripheral. 

8. What inspires your style?
I don’t know that there’s any one particular place that I go to get style-inspired. I’m a pretty observant person, so I’m always making mental notes about a thing I see on the street or on the internet somewhere. My style is a pretty nebulous thing for me and I like to try to keep it that way. 
9. To have a beard or to be beard-less?
I had a beard for a long while until just a few months ago. I regretted shaving it the second it was gone. I’m a beard man.
10. Random fact, go!
I can’t ride a bike. I mean, I can...and I had one until I sold it not too long ago, but I can’t get into the bicycling-as-a-mode-of-transpiration world like a lot of my friends are. I gave it a good go and tried for a couple of years, but I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that riding a bike just isn’t for me. I do have serious plans of making another motorcycle purchase in the next month or so though which may be a little more my scene.

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  1. Um. yes please to this series. We dont see enough men on this platform.

    And let's just say my man and Nate would get along just fine. True Detective is Stephen's love, he couldnt get enough of it. If you ever want another man for your series, Stephen would love to chat ;)