Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 things // our goals & dreams for this summer

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we are so excited for summer this year. both kaitlin & i are not the biggest fans of the heat but
both of us are eager for warm nights & the adventure that summer holds. we wanted to share
10 things that are on our summer dream list!


1. road trips
2. berry picking
3. sitting outside & painting
4.swimming in the ocean
5. smoothie making
6. endless amounts of picnics
7. reading all the books on my summer reading list
8. going to a carnival & eating all the funnel cakes
9. going on lots of walks 
10. ride my bike to the ocean!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


1. camping at the oregon coast
2. backyard bonfires & s'mores every night
3. hike places i haven't hiked before
4. outdoor concerts & live music
5. bbqs with friends & family
6. bike ride & rollerblade!
7. stargazing on clear nights
8. road trip to the eastern washington desert
9. work on my tan (without getting sunburnt)
10. fly to the east coast to see my bff!

summer is for sure here in texas! it is 108 and i need a date with an ice-cream cone asap!
i am missing my best friend, 4 months is way too dang long!
what are some of your summer goals? we would love to hear your lists!

now i am off to lather up in spf 50!

happy summer!

x's & o's,
chelsea & kaitlin

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  1. These are wonderful goals. I've been thinking about mine as well, but as my life has changed so much within the last year (moving countries, getting married and other things) I'm just a little scared to plan something. But things like hiking/exploring/picking berries/reading are definitely on my list - this what makes me happy!

    xx Sonya