Friday, July 18, 2014

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i started following tammie on social media way back when, as way back when i mean the dark ages of myspace. i honestly do not remember how i came across her page but i remember finding her and falling in love with her art. she used to do all kinds of paintings that were very 70's inspired & she would draw the cutest owls. later on we became friends on Facebook, and honestly, there was a time that she was one of my closest friends. After a big break up from my fiancĂ© back in 2008, i was home in texas crying my eyes out & i remember the first person i wanted to call was tammie. her and i had a unique online relationship. it was during a time in our life that we were both going through something & we had each other to rely on. two years ago i was in florida & i actually got to meet her in real life! it was like just being with one of my dearest friends. we laughed & had so much fun together. i didn't want it to end. i really hope that we get to reunite sometime soon! also i want to point out that tammie is one of the ring leaders to the vintage // DIY scene. she was one of the first people i knew that opened an online vintage store (to which i was one of her repeat customers) AND she had this gorgeous blog that she would share her DIY's.. i mean this girl had one of hers featured on design sponge. this girl is fantastic.. plus she went to school to be a pastry chef. so this girl could find you the dress of your dreams and make you a delicious macaroon too!

1. name // age // location // occupation
Tammie Markham //28// Orlando Florida// employee at Riflepaper co

2. what is your favorite part about living in florida? 
it NEVER snows! while everyone is freezing in the winter, I'll be at the beach ;) 

3. you have been sharing your weekend projects, what inspired you to get out and create something every weekend?
I absolutely LOVE making things. It's truly what makes me happy. I chose the weekends because that's usually when I have time. 
Although this world pushes you to work super hard, you MUST  find time for your self to be happy and give stress a punch in the face!  

4. you have been the vintage queen for as long as i can remember. what are some of your favorite vintage items? 
Mmmm, my favorite items would have to be my mid century dining room set & mid century bedroom furniture.

5. what is your favorite part of working for Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co.?
Watching her use her talents to built a company. The most inspiring part is seeing the transformation of her paintings become products people love. 

6. what inspires you?
 People who work hard to pursue their dreams. 
People who are kind and loving towards others.
 People who do what they love and get paid for it! ;) 

7. if you were a coffee beverage what would it be?
Probably my favorite drink from my favorite coffee shop http://thevespr.com. Ready? Maple-Madagascar Vanilla latte! It's so delicious. 

8.  will we find you blogging again in the near future? 
I've thought about it.... ;) in the mean time, find me on instagram @dearwhimsy

9. describe yourself in three words, GO! 

thank you so much tammie for being apart of feel & flourish!

happy weekend!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane 

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