Friday, July 4, 2014

follow friday: @courtmoly

name //  Courtney Molyneaux [+ Olive]
age //  Nineteen 
location // Vancouver, BC 
occupation // I just graduated college with an interior design diploma and work at Old Faithful Shop here in Vancouver. 
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ironically, i chose a canadian to feature for this follow friday which happens to fall on america's independence day! but she's probably one of my favorite canadians by far ;) we haven't actually met, but i've been following courtney on instagram for basically as long as i've had instagram. i've met all of her friends but NOT her and i'm hoping that will change SOON! courtmoly inspires me constantly with her creative photos inspired by her love of design and the way she sees every day life! she has rad tattoos, is always changing up her hairstyle [like me!] and is the most adorable little gal with the cutest pup to match! get to know her through her q+a and give her feed a peek, you won't be let down!

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1 // what inspires you daily? 
Getting outside, especially lately. Everything has been blooming and just giving me all around good vibes! I also spend a lot of time (more than I'd like to admit) sitting on my phone or computer and scrolling through design blogs or Instagram feeds. People of Instagram are pretty inspiring, creative beings.
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2 // you live in canada [happy canada day!] what's your favorite thing about where you live?
Vancouver is the most beautiful place. I'm not from here originally so I have a real appreciation for it. You can be in the city, drive 20 minutes and be on a mountain or the same and be at the beach. Living near the ocean is a blessing in itself.
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3 // you have some beautiful tattoos-- tell us about your first one, & your favorite one: 
I was underage when I got my first tattoo and my parents had to sign for it (haha) so I thought it would be fitting to get their birthdays in Roman numerals on my forearm.   And my favorite tattoo... A tie between my most recent Olive tattoo and the deer on my arm because it's my favorite animal. I always forget that that one is there (because it's so small...) and then I'll get a comment about how pretty it is and I'm like OH! Yeah! That thing!
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4 // if you had to eat only 3 foods the rest of your life, what would they be? 
Tacos forever. Burgers forever. Ice cream forever.
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5 // your little baby olive is adorable, tell us her story & how she came into your life: 
oh olive. I've been utterly obsessed with French bulldogs for years. I was living in a no pets apartment for the first year and a half of living in vancouver so I couldn't get one. But then a lot of things in my life had changed and I went through a lot in a short period of time. I was really lonely and found Olive on kijiji of all places and sent the breeder a deposit and that was that. She was sent to me by plane and picking her up from the airport was the happiest day of my life. I smuggled her in my apartment for two weeks in a backpack (great parenting) and then we moved finally so she was backpack free! She has become my little bestie and I love her so. I also find myself calling her 'cutes' so I guess that's her nickname!
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6 // any plans to relocate from your beautiful home anytime soon? if so where, & if not, where else would you love to live?
After graduating I've always planned on moving overseas. I just signed a year lease on a new apartment but come next spring I will (hopefully, if all goes as planned) be moving to London. There's a few internships I have my eye on over there but that's all very up in the air so I guess we will see! Scary!
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7 // if you could trade lives with any person for a period of time, dead or alive, who would you want to be? 
I would kill to live a day as Charles OR Ray Eames. I've watched documentaries and read books about them and their creative process and journey is really inspiring. I could totally spend a day building furniture and experimenting with ergonomics. Pretty brilliant! Very creative pair. 
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8 // any guilty pleasures? [food, tv shows, music?] 
five cent candies, the bachelorette (embarrassing to admit), the kardashians, and 90's music.
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9 // what have you been jammin' to lately? 
James Vincent McMorrow, Broods, Bombay Bicycle Club, HAIM, S. Carey, Death Cab For Cutie, Craft Spells.
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10 // your ideal day off or weekend is spent where & doing what?
I'm lucky to live in a city that has so many places in close vicinity to visit. Packing a picnic and heading to a park or the beach and sitting in the sun with good friends is always the best time. Or wandering around the city and planting my butt in a coffee shop and eating donuts is never a let down. (I'm sure you're aware that donuts are a regular in my diet. ha!)
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11 // please, tell us about your most embarrassing moment: 
I don't have many embarrassing moments. But this happened pretty recently. I was driving with two friends in my car and we were headed back home after a busy day and I had some serious road rage. (not a rarity) but this guy in a truck was driving ssssooo slow in front of me for so long and we were reaching a red light and I passed him and gave him the classic look you give to people when they make you angry while driving (you know..?) and I stayed in the right lane and OF COURSE ended up behind a parked car that I HONKED AT thinking it was just someone not paying attention to the light. Anyways the guy in the truck had quite the laugh because I looked like an idiot. Then on that corner we were stopped at was an old man selling cotton candy and he thought I was stopped and honking because I wanted some... So he comes to the window and I roll it down and my two friends are just laughing at me and he says "cotton candy!?" And looked thrilled and I just said ...um. no thank you. And he walked away looking disappointed and I was laughing so hard that I cried and eventually drove past the guy in the truck that I had honked at and he was still laughing at me. Because I am an idiot. This doesn't even sound embarrassing but I was beet red!
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12 // where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Professionally, I'd like to be working in an interior design firm doing commercial design of some variety. Who knows where, but ideally that's what I'd like to be doing. And I hope to be travelling a bunch, too!
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follow her! --->> @courtmoly + @olivemoly
follow her! --->> courtmoly.tumblr.com

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thanks courtmoly [i think i will always call you think in my head ;)] + olive for being part of follow friday!

x's + o's
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ps. happy fourth of july everyone!


  1. Court, you are a talented lady!

  2. Really enjoyed this piece - I, too, am an aspiring Interior Designer - we jived on so many parts of this interview! Hope to connect someday, Court!