Sunday, March 23, 2014

sunday snaps

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i spent a good majority of the time this week trying to figure out my wardrobe.
one day i'm wearing a heavy jacket, the next i'm wearing denim shorts.
with the weather being so up & down, i've found myself feeling in a rut.
not inspired, wanting to live in my pj's + eat girl scout cookies.

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// 1. chelsea indulged in trader joe's blueberry scones & rainy days

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 // 2. kaitlin felt lucky wearing her green nails + crop top (that i gave her, cough cough)

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// 3. chelsea ate at the handsome biscuit with nikki & andrew bought her flowers.

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// 4. kaitlin is bringing sexy back with her burk's + mom jeans while frolicking at the oregon coast.

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// 5. chelsea rearranged her apartment while her boyfriend built her a shelf.

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// 6. kaitlin enjoyed a day of solitude at canon beach, oregon. (she'll blog about it this week!)

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// 7. the cherry blossoms are blooming & chelsea found herself hanging out with her sidekick kelsey

and now.. lets look at the cutest animals ever.. jackson, evie + bonnie.

i spent this afternoon thrifting with kelsey, stuffing our faces with cheese, indulging in $10 wine & watching scandal.
now i am off to 80/20 burger with my man!

happy sunday!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane


  1. Those jeans and that crop top are amazing. I want them :)

    But on another note, these snaps are wonderful. I would be lying if I said I wasn't envious of your weeks

  2. Some wonderful snaps, I wish I could visit the coast so often as well (can't wait for these photos!). Sounds like you had a great afternoon as well, hope you're feeling better soon (although pj's and cookies are so good sometimes as well).

  3. Love these photos :)