Friday, March 21, 2014

follow friday: @newdarlings

name(s) // christina & robert
age(s) // 26 + 27
location // phoenix, az

lately, i have been obsessed with this darling duo's instagram feed!

this adorable couple keeps me swooning over their pretty photos daily.
we both loved getting to know them better with this q+a! 

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1 // how did you guys meet?
We met in 2004, at a coffee shop in New York.  A mutual friend had set it up as a double date, but we weren't being set up for each other.  We always laugh when we think back on it. We sat side by side all night, exchanging glances, laughing and trying to find out more about each other.  We had no idea we were really being set up with other people.  We sat in the parking lot long after the coffee shop closed and everyone else had left.  We spent the night making future plans and talking about how we lived only a few miles apart, but never met until that moment.  It's unbelievable to think that was ten years ago.

2 // if you can describe your relationship in three words what would they be?

3 // what inspires you?
The 1960s, traveling, our families, our friends and each other.

4 // what are you currently listening to?
For years now, we have been obsessed with the band, Tennis.  They are the loveliest husband-and-wife duo who write beautiful songs about traveling together. They make us jealous everyday.  Why can't every couple spend months at sea, then come home, write an album about it, and then continue to travel the world together playing these songs?  It's a dream.

5 // favorite coffee spot in phoenix? 
When we first moved to Phoenix, we were lucky enough to meet a local Arizonan with a love for coffee.  He brought us to a place called Lux that became an instant favorite.  The menu is endless, and the coffee is fresh.  It's the place to go whether you want to sit down for breakfast or even grab a drink later on.  So if you ever travel through Phoenix, this place is a go-to for sure. 

6 // what do you love about living in the southwest?
It's still evolving.  We love that we can be a part of that.  When we head to downtown Phoenix, there are always new art pieces or murals that we haven't seen before.  It's exciting to live in a city that doesn't feel fully established quite yet.  It's up for grabs, and we love it.

7 // what do you love most about your wife?
My wife is a fox!  When I wake her up every morning, she gives me that look like..."I need a few more minutes."  I can't help but enjoy her tired eyes and messy hair.  She is still so breathtaking, and I can't tell you how lucky I feel to spend all of my time with her.  She makes everyday an adventure and doesn't mind slow dancing to Sam Cooke.  That's all I can ask for!

8 // what most do you love about your husband?
Rob truly is my best friend; he's the "bees knees" to say the very least.  He has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met and his compassion for others is so admirable.  If I ever have a bad day, he immediately tries to find a way to change that and make me laugh.  I think that's one of the best things about our relationship...we have always been able to laugh together and find the humor in life.  I'd be lost without him.  

9 // where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
We want to see more.  We spent our whole lives in New York, which is nothing to complain about, but we've never spent time on the road.  That's something we'd love to make a part of our lives.  We'd love to be in a situation where we are in business together and we have the liberty to move about.  Hopefully, things fall in line and we can establish something true.

10 // will we see an adorable new darlings baby in the near future??
Oh man...the famous question! Once you get married everyone immediately starts asking about when the babies will arrive.  We're not saying it's never going to happen, but right now we're really just enjoying being newlyweds in a new city. When the time is right, all things will fall into place.

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