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name // nicole shelton
age // 21
location // los angeles, ca
occupation // creative entrepreneur

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i had the pleasure of meeting nicole last year during my time living in california. we were kind of introduced through our boyfriends and ended up on double dates, drinking wine, and forming a wonderful friendship of our own. i truly admire her free spirit, faith and heart for god, and her amazing sense of humor. unfortunately, you won't get to see her hilarious snapchats in this post but you will get a peek at what's behind that pretty face-- a beautiful heart!

see her instagrams below --->>
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1 // what inspires you daily? 
More than anything, I'd have to say hard working people. Those people that suck every last drop out of life in a positive manner. The ones that work their butts off to enjoy and take full advantage of all the opportunities in life. Nature would come next, because if you've travelled at all you know the beauty and the awe of Gods creation. That inspires me to breathe and be grateful, always. Lastly, anything that make me laugh inspires me. Comedy is huge part of my life. 

2 // where could I find you on your day off or the weekend?
Crashing weddings, climbing Mount Everest, saving lives... No, realistically I'm roaming aimlessly and naively around the city of LA, maybe I'm relaxing down by the beach, maybe I'm at Disneyland being six years old again, or maybe just spending quality time with the people I love the most. If I had it my way, I'd fill my day full of each of these. ...Oh, and I'm definitely eating all day on my day off. So look for me at in-n-out. 

3 // biggest role model or someone you look up to?
My mom will always be my biggest role model. She loves unconditionally, she's more determined than anyone I know, she is by far the most hilarious woman, and she is the biggest encourager of anyone, ever. She's an amazing entrepreneur, and I really respect that. I can't say enough great things about her. Not to mention I was a 10 pound newborn with no drugs, so YOU GO MOM. 

4 // what's your favorite coffee drink?
Does an iced soy chai tea latte with a shot of espresso count? Preferably from Vita Cafe off Sunset because Samuel Richard forced his "coffee snob" disorder onto me. 

5 // where would you like to be in 10 years?
Running a creative business. Whether that be in fashion, television, music, production etc. I'm hoping within the next decade I'll be able to do all my traveling and business building. That way IN ten years I'll be able to comfortably start a family, buy a house, give back to my community, etc. I've always wanted a large family so hopefully I'll be ready to fulfill that dream by then! 

6 // what is a trend(s) you are currently into?
As for fashion, the trends I love are typically bold. Sometimes it's bold like black or white, very solid and 1960's modern. Sometime it's bold like sharp, bright, floral patterns. As for trends in general, I'm all about surrounding myself with what I love. Nature, new foods, coffee, great friends, laughter, yoga, more food, interesting cities, new ideas, any car or airplane ride, ridiculous animals, anything funny, more good food... these are all "trending" in my life. However; this is a question that you could ask me everyday and my answer would be different every day! 

7 // what are you listening to lately?
My taste is music changes so often it's difficult to ever answer this accurately. Really I love anything from The Killers to Eddie Vedder to Drake to Cat Stevens to Washed Out to The Shins to Old Crow Medicine Show. If it makes me dance and/or feeds my soul, I'm in. 

8 // what do you love about Sam?
Sam who? Just Kidding. Sam is probably the most creative person I've ever known. His passions for music, any form of art, traveling etc are all inspiring. Day to day he will always ask about YOU when in conversation, he never takes anything too seriously, he's spontaneous and silly beyond reason, he is extremely open minded, his dance moves are beyond sweet, and he is always encouraging me to seek and further build my relationship with God. Truly he is my best friend. I could go on and on about the @saamuelrichard but I'll spare you. 

9 // what are you most passionate about?
Love, creativity, and people. Everyday I focus and feel myself led by love. Creativity is a huge passion of mine. Anything I can create (ie music, art, acting, photos, dance, etcz) fills my heart and soul. Lastly, I'd say people. I'm passionate about building relationships, mission work, entertaining and making people laugh, and just straight up loving on people. I genuinely prefer to be surrounded by people rather than be alone. 

10 // if you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Oh shoot. This is the worst scenario to think about for me because I am a total foodie. Hmm. The lemon-y crab sandwich from The Lobster Truck has been on my mind for weeks. If you know me, you know I have an obsession with lemon.. and with crab.. AND with bread. So this is literal perfection to Nicole, seriously. 

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follow her here --->>
instagram // @seriouslynicole
tumblr // seriouslynicole

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& nicole's boyfriend samuel richard is an amazing photographer and is responsible for the photos of nicole on this post!

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