Thursday, September 25, 2014

thrifty thursday // 60's + 70's flea market finds

happy thursday! it's perfectly rainy here today, and I am happy about it at least. last weekend I spent Sunday exploring the Fremont Sunday market, a local flea market that is near one of my favorite vintage shops in Seattle. Lonnie and I came across some beautiful pieces, and although I can get a little bummed when I don't find a million things to take home, I have to remember it's quality, not quantity! and that's what happened Sunday. take a look at what we found!

first up is this absolutely gorgeous 1970's leather Coach envelope clutch! the man selling this was SO nice, [we bonded over the fact that he used to do hair for 25 years and we went to the same cosmetology school!] and he told me this is a rare saddle color leather Coach did only a handful of times. it's in perfect condition, has 3 pockets for organizing my stuff, and it's simple and classic. I had been looking for a clutch this size! [it's about 14in. long X 5in. wide] for $25, I couldn't pass it up!

next, I spotted this beautiful amber glass vase from the 1960's, the same guy I purchased the clutch from was selling this and a bunch of other amber glass pieces. I passed by it as I made my way looking at other things, but Lonnie picked it up and said he had to buy it for me! perfect for small bouquets of flowers, and for $8 I think it was a great deal! thanks again Lon :)

finally, I scored this amazing 1970's boho dress. I saw this, loved the color, the paisley print, pretty much everything about it. then I tried it on [see photo below] and it fit me like it was made for me. it's super comfortable cotton, I love that it has long sleeves so it's perfect for the colder months we're transitioning into. my mom said I look like I'm straight out of 1973... PERFECT! still not sure where exactly I will wear this one, any suggestions?! looking to do an outfit of the day in it soon, so keep an eye out!

the important thing to remember about flea market and true vintage shopping is that it's not going to be as "thrifty" as going to thrift shops like Goodwill. in most cases, you can barter with the seller and work the price down to one you feel comfortable paying. on Sunday I finally found the perfect leather motorcycle jacket I had been looking for, but after asking the price... $450! in this case, I wasn't going to bother talking him down because we would never agree on a price within my budget. but I do believe my dream jacket is still out there somewhere! the search continues...

happy hunting!

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kaitlin elaine


  1. These are beautiful finds. I find it really hard to go to these since I am horrible at talking down prices, even though I know they mark it higher than they want you to pay for it :S

  2. Gorgeous finds! That coach envelope clutch is beautiful!

    Sophia | sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  3. You should wear faux fur vest & your clogs!

  4. Absolutely love that clutch. <33