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I had the opportunity a month ago and sit down & get to know Meredith. She is so genuine. We met while she was in town visiting Kelsie ( @withlavenderandlace ). When meeting her I felt like I had been friends with her forever. Talking with her was so natural. She has her first book coming out next month! You'll hear more about it in the q&a. Now get to know this lovely!

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1. name // age // location // occupation
Meredith Crawford // 24 // Dallas, TX // Blogger+Writer+Social Media Consultant
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2. Tell us about your book that's coming out in October! 
My book, Crochet with One Sheepish Girl, is filled with crochet projects perfect for wearing, living, and giving. I love designing projects that are a not typical in the world of crochet and add a unique twist to a classic technique. Some of my favorite projects from the book are the crochet apron with heart pockets, free printable cards with a crochet edge, and a tea cozy that looks like a dreamy country cottage!
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3. What inspired you to write the book? 
I was approached by Sixth and Spring publishing to write this book during the summer of 2012. From the beginning of this project, they gave me so much creative freedom. At first it was overwhelming, to have the ability to truly choose every detail seen in the book, but in the end I knew the only book I wanted to create was the one that represented me. It was so inspiring, and humbling,  to have the freedom to choose yarns in my favorite colors, create quirky projects that represented my style, and feel like I was putting together a piece of myself to show the world. 
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4. You are heading to England next week! Tell us about this special trip.
Yes! I am so excited! I am traveling to the cities of Bath and London, England next week. The plan is to do some sight seeing (more like drooling...) around town, eat some delicious food, and finally meet the ladies of Mollie Makes Magazine. I have been working with the magazine for years now and I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet such a talented and supportive team. While I am across the pond, Mollie Makes is giving me the control of their Instagram and Pinterest accounts from September 18-21! Pretty exciting! I can't wait to share photos from my perspective around their hometown of Bath and a few behind the scenes shots of the office. It's going to be an incredible experience! 
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5. What inspires you daily?
The general pleasures of life inspire me daily...beautiful colors, fashion editorials, a teacup with a floral pattern, two friends sharing their hearts, chunky yarns, my cats, Frank Sinatra records, a good cup of coffee, books stacked on my nightstand, and so much more. 
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6. If you could be a flower, which one would you be and why?
A poppy! It is my birth flower and I have always loved the bright colors.
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7. Who are some of your favorite IGers?
Oh...there are way too many to name! Of course I am a huge fan of the ladies of Feel & Flourish! :) I also can't get enough of @jengotch, @withlavandlace, @paperfashion, @livpurvis, and @savannahwilliams. 
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8. Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to be closer to the Lord, open to His plans for my life, stronger, confident, hopeful, and happily pursuing my passions. 
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9. What other cities are on your bucket list?
Santorini, Greece
Paris, France (I've been before, but I want to go back tomorrow...haha.)
Seattle, WA (Hey, Kaitlin!)
Edinburgh, Scotland
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10. Describe yourself in three words & go!
Hopeful, Believer, Listener
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BLOG :  http://www.onesheepishgirl.com

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