Monday, September 22, 2014

pumpkin spice coffee recipe // happy autumn!

it's officially the best day of the year, meaning the next 3 months are the best time of the year! chelsea and I LOVE fall, and I am so happy it's cloudy today. summer is over! in honor of this glorious day, I thought I'd share one of my most favorite, easy, cheap recipes for making a tasty seasonal coffee drink at home!

I think everyone looks forward to the time of year when the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte comes out. [basically every typical girl: click to read this hilarious ---> Buzzfeed article summing a lot of us girls up!] anyway, I can't afford to spend $5 every day on a fall coffee beverage, and if I could, then I wouldn't be able to afford to put gas in my car.

I came across an idea for pumpkin spice coffee at Trader Joe's. they sell the coffee already blended with the spices, but of course slightly more expensive than their regular coffee. I thought "why not just add the spices in myself?!" so that's what I've done! [this recipe does NOT have any real "pumpkin" flavoring, it's the spices that go with it. so if you're looking for a pumpkin-y taste, you most likely won't find it here. but honestly, when the whole thing is complete, it tastes very similar to a pumpkin spice latte for half the price and calories!] let me show you what I do...

what you'll need:

  1. ground coffee of your choice
  2. pumpkin pie spice
  3. sweetened creamer in vanilla or hazelnut [these are the flavors I've tried]
  4. coffee maker, french press, aero press, or whatever you use to make your coffee!
  5. mug
  6. spoon
  7. fall candle-- optional ;)

let's begin!

first measure out your coffee, my french press is a little one, so it makes 1-2 servings. 

then, add 1TSP. pumpkin pie spice per 1-2 servings. I like mine strong enough to taste the spices!

mix the coffee grounds and spices together, then add hot water, stir and let sit, or just start your coffee maker!

when your coffee is done brewing, add some vanilla or hazelnut non-dairy or dairy creamer into a mug. this is the replacement for the super sweet syrups and the milk in the typical lattes!

then add your coffee, and top with a sprinkle of spice if you want!

serve and enjoy! I found these amazing pumpkin bagels at Trader Joe's, and they are so yum with cream cheese while sipping on this coffee!

I'm incredibly inspired by autumn and I can't wait for a new season of blogging! goodbye summer, hello to the most wonderful time of the year! thanks for following along, I hope you try this super easy recipe!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine


  1. all i'm seeing on instagram and on blogs is pumpkin spice at the moment, and i'm so jealous! :-) we don't have anything like this in new zealand, but i'm dying to try what everyone is raving about! we don't even have canned pumpkin/pumpkin pie spice :-(
    timothy + ariana

  2. You can make your own: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/pumpkin-pie-spice-i/

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