Friday, September 5, 2014

-- summer summary --

to sum up our summer, we've composed a summer-y summary of our favorites things, moments, & memories of the past few sunny months. even being coasts apart, I can see & feel the closeness of Chelsea & I enjoying many of the very same things, despite our distance from each other! xo

Kaitlin ---

I hate to say it, but summer is coming to an end. it's bittersweet, really. after my birthday hits, it's a downward spiral through the best time of the year! I can't wait for the colder months ahead full of holidays & happiness, but the magic of summer will be sincerely missed until next year. school has started & some of the leaves are already changing, plus the mornings & evenings have the brisk chill of autumn months to come, filled with knit scarves, hats, & wool coats. I really am so excited!
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favorite moment // getting baptized outside in Lake Tye!
favorite place // driving through the trees of the Cascade mountains [but still looking forward to an Oregon coast trip!]
favorite lipstick // "Ruby Woo" by MAC
favorite outfit // a sun dress with a wide brim hat & my favorite clogs!
favorite food // tortilla chips, Mexican sour cream + tapatio sauce
favorite drink // ice cold Rainier beer
favorite song // "Sun Structures" by Temples or "Stay with Me" by Sam Smith
favorite tradition // bonfires & s'mores at the beach & in backyards

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Chelsea ---

I feel like this summer was a total humid blur. I spent most of my summer in my car, traveling to the next wedding location. I learned how to make homemade peach pie & now have a new dream of being a homemaker. (I want to can everything). I moved out of my first apartment (my first one completely on my own) to my second one. The summer moved as brisk as the wind. I'm hoping fall will stick around a wee bit longer.
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favorite moment // peach picking in North Carolina!
favorite place // discovering an antique shop here in town that's filled with mid century goodies
favorite lipstick // "Crosswires" by MAC 
favorite outfit // my cotton romper from cotton on. it's so comfortable & great for hot virginia days 
favorite food // Andrew's homemade pizzas
favorite drink // iced coffee!
favorite song // "Ghosts" by On an On 
favorite tradition // sunset walks around the neighborhood

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until next time, summer. 
x's + o's
kaitlin elaine
chelsea diane

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