Tuesday, September 16, 2014

chelsea's day to day look

i wanted to share with you all my daily makeup routine. i have been asked a few times in the past to share & i am excited to show you my simple yet classic makeup look.
lately i have been wearing less and less makeup. i never have been a fan of "caking" it on. as i have gotten older i have been trying to take as much care of my skin as i possibly can. i used to have skin challenges in my early 20's and since i have changed my makeup/cleansing routine i have seen such a huge difference! 

first: i always wash my face in the morning. i like that refreshed feeling! 
this moisturizer: i always put moisturizer on first. why? since i do not wear a liquid foundation i feel like this helps set my powder on. plus moisturizer is so good for your skin. 

i put it on in a circle upward motion. my esthetician taught me this trick to help my face from sagging when i am an old lady. (i know, i know.. i think about these things at 26) 

kaitlin got me hooked on this powder when i visited her in february. it comes in a big container so it lasts forever!

laura mercier's louis pink blush. this may be too pink for some but with my fair skin i have found that the pinker the better. 

with my blush brush i start from the top of my cheek bone and work my way down. i always tend to put a little more on at first then use my finger tips to blend it in to avoid any lines or streaks.

the eyes: i use the voluminous mascara & revoln's dark brown liquid eyeliner.

eyeliner: i start first at the corner of my eye. i like my eyeliner to be a little thicker because i like that aubrey hepburn look. i stop at the very end of my eye lid then i do the cat eye effect.

mascara: i love long thick eyelashes. to enhance that look i put two layers on. first with the bottom eyelashes i like to put a heavier coat on the bottom to kind of give that twiggy look. 

lipstick: a girls best friend.
i first start at the lower end of my right part of my lip.
then i work my way over to the top curve of my lip then to the end of my left part of my lip. unlike others i don't put my lipstick all the way over to where my top lip ends. i like to have a little space just so it doesn't get all over my face.

then do the same with the lower lip.

there you have it! sorry for the crappy photo quality, had to use the front face of my iPhone!

happy tuesday!

x's + o's,
chelsea diane


  1. You're a natural beauty! By the way, what lipstick did you apply as shown in the photos?

  2. Lovely! I use the same Laura Mercier mineral powder. It's a good one! Loved this post because I am also a fan of simplicity. I do what I call the five minute face :) Thanks for sharing, chica! - sarah