Tuesday, August 19, 2014

S P A C E S: Jordana Nicholson's Franklin, TN flat

"When you live in a small one bedroom flat, it’s kind of a no brainer that your favorite space will become the only space that’s really there, ha! My husband Trent and I recently moved a couple miles down the road to a one bedroom apartment in the heart of Downtown Franklin (a suburb outside of Nashville). We were given a 30 day notice to find a new place and that didn’t leave us with many options…cue panic! We found our new home one day before we had to be out of our place and my goodness, that was crazy. We pictured our next home being an actual house (not an apartment!), with lots of character and no shared walls…but when you’re under a time crunch, one cannot be so picky! We signed the lease and quickly moved into our one bedroom place. As much as we didn’t care for the idea of living in a small apartment, we’ve actually come to love it. It’s a newer build with modern features, but we’ve made it feel like home and have quickly fallen in love with our tiny abode. One thing that I loved about moving into a smaller space, was that we were forced to purge and pack only what we could fit into our new place. Starting fresh feels so good and I really love that we’ve kept things minimal and clutter-free. 

Now onto my favorite space! Well, my favorite space would have to be our living room/kitchen, which really is just one giant room haha. It’s where we entertain, cook meals, relax and work. It’s multi-functional, that’s for sure. Our new home blessed us with tall ceilings (woo!) and that’s probably one of our favorite features. What a difference tall ceilings make…They open up the space and make it feel so much bigger than it is. We’ve left the walls pretty bare and have only hung up some shelves that we made ourselves. We weren’t quite sure what to do with this one huge bare wall in our place, so we spent one Saturdaysanding, staining and building these shelves together. We love how they turned out!  

Our new place has really inspired us to keep things simple. Since we don’t have much room, we’ve stopped collecting new pieces (for now) and have enjoyed decorating with what we already have, adding some greenery here and there. I love clean white walls and we’ve purposely kept them bare since they add some much brightness to our home. We’re so thankful for this tiny place of ours, even if we only end up living here for a year, it’s taught us so much already…plus, it’s kind of awesome that it only takes 5 minutes to vacuum the entire place. Ya feel me? ;)"

thank you so much Jordana & Trent for sharing your home with us! I have always admired your eye for simple clean interior design. (plus, i am jealous of your gorgeous kitchen!)

follow her adventures here --> jordanaclaudia

 x's & o's, 
chelsea diane

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  1. Love it! It's simple and beautiful!

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com