Tuesday, August 12, 2014

S P A C E S: glimpse into chelsea diane's dining room

I am so excited about this new weekly post called S P A C E S. like other bloggers i do love a good aesthetic to a home. this post will include some familiar faces, bloggers you love & other rad people that will share their favorite room in their home. so, i figured why not start this series off with a glimpse into my new apartment?

my last apartment was a sweet size of 475 square feet. i had two closets (i wouldn't even consider them closets since i couldn't even really fit anything in them), corners filled with clutter & barely any space to breathe. the kitchen could barely fit one person and the counter space was the size of my hand. when i went into looking for a new apartment i had three things on my list: good size kitchen, outlets (my last apartment lacked in that area), and closets. apartment hunting is frustrating. i live in a historical area with restaurants & coffee shops in walking distance, so with that said it can be pricey. i looked at some great apartments but they lacked in size. but finally, i found the perfect apartment. two bed rooms, 4th floor (the top of this building), amazing light, and a huge living area that could include a dining table.

i collect mid century modern pieces. with having a larger space i have made it my goal for this apartment to be my "big girl" apartment. i feel like my last apartment was that "post college / dorm" apartment. where everything was completely mixed matched and you could tell i got my couch from a friend. before i keep on ranting let me show you one of my favorite pieces i have collected.

this mid century dining table. i bought the table and the chairs from two separate awesome craiglist sellers who collect mid century furniture, fix 'em up and sell them for a great price. i fell in love with these chairs, (they look almost identical to my desk chair) they were a little out of my budge and andrew surprised me & bought them for me. (what uh guy)

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the cats of course love this table. little jackson had a very hard time adjusting to the new space. i don't blame him because that tiny apartment was his first home. (he hid under a pile of pillows for a few days after the move, poor guy)


i bought these beautiful mid century candle holders from a vendor at the local antique shop. i love them and i can't wait to fill them with delicious candles! (side note: this is a true fact. i don't really like sun flowers. but my favorite photographer cindy loughridge has been posting photos lately of sun flowers so of course i had to snag some)

my favorite corner of this apartment of course has my favorite little wall collage of little treasures i have collected over the years. this new space i am trying to not have any clutter, but to have a clean space that has neutral colors with little pops of color here & there. but this part of the wall is called my "clutter collection"

i am so excited about this new weekly series! i cannot wait to introduce you to some amazing spaces.
PS happy birthday week to Jackson & Evie! They are going to be 1 years old on friday (so many tears)

x's + o's,
chelsea diane

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