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follow friday: @madisonsteward (& august desktop calendar!)

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happy follow friday (& first day of august!)! sorry things have been a little quiet over here this week. chelsea moved into her new apartment + kaitlin has been busy beautifying people at the salon. 

this week we are featuring the adorable madison. this girl is too much. she is crafty, beautiful & someone i would love to meet over coffee and knit with. i have been so amazed by all of these young girls that are so talented. i wish i was half as cool as this girl when i was 18. i came across her feed over 6 months ago and i fell in love with her amazing knit creations. (plus she looks like one of my girl crushes, lucy hale)

thank you madison for being apart of the feel & flourish family!

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1. Madison Steward/ 18/ Springfield, MO/ etsy shop owner

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2. we love to knit over here at feel & flourish. are you mostly into knitting or crocheting? 

I would say knitting any day, simply because it comes easier for me. I do crochet every now and then, but I don't have the same "flow" as I would with two needles. I used to knit during classes in school. My teachers didn't mind at all, because I could pay attention without looking at my hands. I now use that to my advantage and work while binge watching a TV show, so by the time it's over, I'll have at least three scarves done!

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3. what inspired you to open your etsy shop?

I've always made things, (pins, scarves, etc.) and so many people would order or request something and I would make and deliver it in person. Sometimes they would "forget" to pay me for something I worked really hard on, and though I loved the idea of making and selling, that way just didn't feel right to me. My English teacher of two years suggested I start up an etsy shop, and after he mentioned it I have been dreaming of it ever since.

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4. okay, so i see you have a cat.. what do you love most about your cat??

My cat can be a handful sometimes, but oddly enough she has a similar personality to mine. She's always very interested in what I'm doing. I love that whenever I'm cutting material for a skirt or costume, she will lay down right in the middle of the fabric and stare at me, so I'll stop and pet her. If I'm putting pins together on the table, she'll hop up there and watch me. 

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5. if you could live in any era, what era would it be?

Oh, man. It's a tough one, but I would definitely pick the 60s. Not just because of the fashion, but also for the music. I would have no problem styling my hair in a beehive every day, and I'm a pretty big fan of The Beach Boys. 

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6. where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

I hope to be in a neat little apartment (with two cats), and getting an education for my dream job (I want to be a ModStylist at Modcloth more than anything). 

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7. who are some of your favorite IGers?

A difficult thing to narrow down, since I follow so many inspirational people! My top three are @jesiii, @solonah, and @strawberrykoi. These ladies always inspire me to make my photos better and more creative, and their accounts are just amazing!

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8. what are you currently jamming to?

I'm so hooked on this song Bad Vibrations by one of my favorite local bands here in Springfield, The Midwest Indies. This song is always on my bike riding playlist, and has been on repeat all summer! The song, and their first album, can be found on Spotify.

9. what is your ideal day?

During the summer, my days are pretty easy to begin with. I go through etsy orders at my kitchen table, after a mug of cereal, and sketch new pin ideas. From there I work on whatever project I'm knitting while watching Netflix (right now that would be Scandal), then making a post office run to ship off orders. I always end my day watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with my boyfriend.

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10. describe yourself in 3 words!

(I've always been terrible at picking just three words, but I'll try!) Quirky, introvert, perfectionist.

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  1. Love the desktop calendar, I love the lettering so much! Madison seems lovely!