Thursday, August 7, 2014

follow friday // @kaciecone

name // Kacie Cone
age //  21
location // Portland, OR
occupation // Free People Stylist and Social Media Captain
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i first discovered kacie as shygirlloudvoice, her fashion blog. i fell in love with her free-peopley style and her overall style philosophy: "I believe in wearing whatever you want, when you want to no matter where you're going or who will see you. Fashion is your personal expression, don't compromise it and don't be afraid." that statement has stuck with me and has pushed me to be myself every day and wear whatever the heck i want, when i want! i hope one day i can meet this lovely girl and her adorable pets in real life!
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1 // what inspires your every day life?
I’m inspired by everything and everyone, I always joke that I’m addicted to collecting inspiration because every second of everyday I’m finding something new to inspire me.
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2 // how did you become interested in fashion + what inspired you to start blogging? 
I’ve always been in love with fashion but I used to be too shy to really express myself with what I wore. When I began to realize that I found confidence in the things I wore I decide to start my blog and document my experience and I eventually realized I wanted to inspire girls to find their own confidence. The name Shy Girl Loud Voice comes from me wanting to prove that just because you don’t say much it doesn’t mean that what you have to say isn’t important.
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3 // what are your 3 can't-live-without wardrobe staples in spring/summer & fall/winter?
Well for all seasons of the year my first item is hats. Hat are my go-to every single day no matter the season, a day without a hat is a rare day for me. They’re just the perfect piece to finish off every look! For spring/summer my other two staples would be a little white dress and a flirty printed romper. For fall/winter I love nothing more than booties, preferably something with a little height, and I’m also a huge fan of thick chunky thigh high socks.
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4 // so, you're from california-- where in CA are you from & how did you end up in portland?!
I grew up in a little town in the San Francisco Bay Area and living the suburbs but being so close to the city was kind of the perfect way to grow up because I got to experience the best of both worlds. However, my boyfriend and I had lived there pretty much our whole lives so we picked Portland on a whim and just decided to go experience something new! We’ve been here for two years now and we’re loving it!
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5 // if you were a tree, what kind would you be & where would you plant yourself?
I’m not quite sure why but I picture myself as a really big and old willow tree sitting alone on a really tall hill with a gorgeous view. 
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6 // if you had to eat one meal & drink one beverage the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Well the drink part is easy, diet coke. I’m totally addicted to diet coke, if I don’t start  my day with a cold diet coke then the whole day is ruined. The meal part is a little harder but I’d have to pick a bacon bbq cheese burger with pickles and fries on the side.
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7 // where do you see yourself in 5 years, personally & professionally?
Personally, I want to be married and be living in a new big beautiful city to explore. Hopefully, I’ve added another dog and to the family as well. The more pets the better! Professionally I just want to be doing something that makes me happy, something that challenges me to find new ways to be creative every single day.
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8 // describe your perfect day off or weekend: 
My perfect day off would consist of packing up the car, dog included, and heading to the coast. Listening to the waves, feeling the sand in my toes, watching my dog run along where the waves touch the shore, that just sounds like heaven to me.
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9 // your pets are adorable! tell us about your pup & kitty?
Thank you! Maya and Amelia were both adopted from the Oregon Humane Society and are the most important parts of my life. Maya is a 10 year old (Today!) Siberian Husky who is a retired breeding dog. Once she got the doggy equivalent of breast cancer and couldn’t have any more puppies her owners dropped her off at the shelter. Today, she is now cancer free and although she has hypothyroidism and cannot lose weight she is a very happy dog, a very fat happy dog. Amelia is my adorable little tabby cat with epilepsy, she’s on a medication that controls her seizures and is a frisky little thing.
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10 // what is a message you'd love to be able to share with the world?
I'd like for all girls to realize that they're beautiful and insecurities are a waste of time. Be who you are and be proud of it.
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thanks for being part of follow friday, kacie! come to seattle soon!
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  1. Aw this is awesome! Thank you so much for the feature, I feel so honored! :)

  2. I loved this! Great questions and thoughtful answers. Especially loved learning more about Kacie's pets - it touches my heart that she would adopt not one, but two pets with health conditions... not only is she a beautiful girl with amazing style, but she's so genuinely sweet too!

    xoxo Sara

  3. love all of the photos with hats! and a bacon bbq cheeseburger sounds awesome right about now haha x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  4. I'm so glad I found her blog, she is so stylish, and I love seeing photos of her little furry family!

    Wonderful interview! :)