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follow friday: @laladyappleseed

sarah is chelsea's long-time friend of 3 years now. she is one of the sweetest souls i know, and i had the pleasure of photographing her wedding 3 weeks ago! enjoy getting to know her through our q+a, and don't forget to follow along with her on her newlywed journeys on instagram--->> @laladyappleseed

1. name // age // occupation // location
Sarah Fitschen // 21 // Full-time Student & Part-time Nanny // Norfolk, VA
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2. okay, so you just got married!!! what is your favorite thing about married life so far?
Oh goodness, my favorite thing??  That's a tough one as there are so many incredible things about marriage.  I would say one of my favorite things is getting to come home to my husband every night in our cozy little apartment. Sharing a home together is so fun and I can't wait to continue in making it our own!
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3. what inspires you??
One of the most inspiring things to me is watching people chase after their dreams without hesitation.  It's a beautiful thing to see people fully become the person who the Lord has called them to be. I also find incredible inspiration from alllllll things nature, architecture, and of course music.
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4. tell us your love story!
Malcolm & I had both been traveling the summer of 2012. He was exploring England while I was visiting the west coast.  He made the smooth move of saying "hey, let's get coffee and swap traveling stories."  Completely caught off guard, I agreed to his offer.  We sat in that coffee shop talking for hours.  Both of us walked away in shock of how much we had in common and how well it went.  A little over a month later we started dating and 14 months after that, he asked me to be his wife!! We will have been married for three weeks tomorrow (WOAH!).  He makes me the happiest girl in the world.
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5. what are some of your hopes & dreams?
Malcolm & I both love to travel so I dream of the days when we can travel the world together.  We also love children and one of the dreams that we hold closest to our hearts is to one day have a family. And last but not least, I've always wanted to plant my own garden!
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6. so you are one of the most fashionable people I know, what inspires your fashion?
oh my! well thank you. I love being comfortable, yet feminine.  I also love embracing different textures as I put my outfits together.  Some of my main sources of inspiration include the classy Mr. Schuman's The Sartorialist, free people, and scrolling through pinterest (totally my guilty pleasure).
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7. if you were a coffee beverage what would you be?
Definitely an iced lavender latte.  But on the occasional day when I'm feeling extra sassy, a mexi-mocha.
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8. what are five things that you want to do this summer?
1. Make lots of fresh summer dishes, drinks, & desserts.
2. Read more books.
3. Go to the local farmer's markets.
4. Picnic on the beach.
5. Travel!!
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9. what are you currently jamming to?
Active Child, Lana Del Rey (always), William Fitzsimmons, Coeur de pirate, Lucy Rose, The National, & Justin Timberlake (another always).
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10. who are some of your favorite IGers?
There are so many talented and inspirational IGers that I follow.  A few of my favorites are @denisebovee (the cutest little family), @newdarlings (they're so adorable!), & @arielealasko (her wooden creations are breathtaking. she makes me want to become a woodworker (what a hilarious thought). but seriously, her work is beautiful).
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thanks for being part of follow friday, sarah!

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