Saturday, May 3, 2014

bits + bits (oh, and the may calendar!)

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summer has found its way here to virginia.
the air is thick and the sun is warm.
days like today i want to find myself in the cool ocean water.
all i have been craving are berries, the blue ones, the purple ones, and the pink ones.


i have shared in the past how i have been feeling so uninspired lately.
bonnie, my friend brittany, & myself went on a little walk today.
with the warm sun on my skin and the birds singing around me, i could not help but be inspired!
i feel like with the seasons going so up & down around here, it just killed my creative buzz.
but i hope with the promise of adventure that summer brings, that my creativity will be singing!

i brought in my desk from my office space home. nothing is better than this beautiful chestnut midcentury desk.

& can we talk about how stunny scarlet jo looks on this vanity fair cover?!

  Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


  1. love the beautiful contrasts in the monochromatic photographs.
    have a gorgeous monday!