Monday, May 19, 2014

make-up monday: kaitlin's hair care

being a hairstylist, i think a lot of people assume i use a lot of crazy, fancy, revolutionary, or expensive products on my hair. well, the answer is no, not really! i find something that works, and i'll use it! not always being the newest, or most expensive thing out there either. you'll see i use an array of tools and products, and they have been tried and truly work!
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i've worked with Aveda products the entire length of my hair-styling career, and have fallen in love for life with the company, what the stand for, and their products. they are quality, organic and natural, and have been doing the whole "go green" thing for well over 30 years. so you'll see i am kind of a snob when it comes to my beloved Aveda, but it's because i truly believe in what they do and how they make my hair feel and how i have seen transformation in mine, and behind the chair in my clients' hair!

let's begin!

1 //  shampoo + condition
  • aveda color conserve shampoo -- sulfate free, cleanses hair without over drying, contains natural sunprotecting ingredients to prevent hair color fading.
  • aveda damage remedy conditioner -- protein and moisture to prevent and correct damage and breakage of overly processed hair.
  • aveda blue malva color conditioner -- counteracts yellow and brassy tones in blonde or light colored hair, best 'purple' conditioner i've used! use once a week or as needed.
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2 // styling products
  • tresemme tres two ultra fine mist hairspray -- i will get so much crap from other hairstylists out there, but this is honestly my favorite hairspray! the perfect amount of hold, not offensive smell when it's sprayed or left over in the hair, plus it's cheap & cheerful!
  • aveda damage remedy daily hair repair -- leave in conditioner to be applied before blowdrying, adds protein and instantly repairs damage up to 26%! perfect heat protection for hot tools.
  • aveda pure abundance style prep -- favorite volumizing and root lifting spray. leaves no residue and makes your hair look and feel instantly fuller. apply before blowdrying.
  • suave professionals moroccan infusion weightless dry shampoo -- again... cheap and cheerful so dont judge! best dry shampoo i have tried so far. doesn't smell strongly of anything, worth the money, doesn't leave a ton of white residue like some other brands. i use this in between hair washing days!
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3 // styling tools

  • rusk hair brush -- just a regular paddle brush i'm sure most people own! i don't brush my hair very often, mostly if it's tangled and i use this when blow drying my hair.
  • conair curling irons in 1 + 1/2in., 1+1/4 in., and 1in. -- depending on the length of my hair or the size of curl/wave i'm wanting, i use each accordingly. lately i use the middle one every single day.
  • goody wide tooth comb -- you may be able to find this somewhere, but i have been using this hot pink comb since i was probably 5 years old. i absolutely love it and hope i never lose it! i use it on my hair wet and sometime to backcomb.

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4 // treatment

  • i have other deep conditioners i use depending on the health of my hair, but lately coconut oil has been something i've been using for my hair, skin, and health and i've been loving it! leave it on before you wash your hair or for and overnight deep treatment. shampoo well!

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5 // accessories
  • i use whatever random hair ties and pony tail holders i can find. i love bobby pins for all my updo's, and the ones that are found at the beauty supply store are always best. doesn't bother me if they are black or blonde, but of course i have all colors because i am constantly changing like a chameleon. this little box was the same box my grandmother kept her bobby pins in and i love that.
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i love trying new products, sometimes the gimmicks and advertising does suck me in, but its still fun.
i'd love to know your favorite products or if you use any of mine! let me know!

follow my salon on instagram to keep up with our work, and if you're in the seattle area, i'd love to do your hair! @studiodonnasalonspa

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine


  1. thank you so much for sharing! i've always had trouble finding hair products that really work. i can't wait to give some of these a try!!

  2. Great post! I use pure macadamia oil (isn't it even better than coconut oil?) for my hair sometimes but I guess I should use it more frequently... Doesn't your hair get damaged buy curling them all the time? Or are the heat-protecting products that good? I don't use any and I try to curl my hair without heat but I still get split ends even if I only do it once a week... Aveda sounds great, but it's a little too expensive for me, I thought about trying Kiehl's hair products but I still haven't decided which ones!

  3. Thank you for sharing They are quality, organic and natural, I use pure coconut oil.


  4. Wow really wonderful sharing! I always use herbal products as my hairs are really thin. I came to know about dermmatch and now I will try to use it but first I want to ask you how I can use it or about reviews of this product! Please share here.

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