Saturday, May 17, 2014

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a few things --
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1 // I admit it. I am obsessed with Madmen. I've been watching it non-stop since I came down with a bad cold last week and have slowly but surely been making my way through all the seasons on Netflix. I can get enough of the styling, the dresses, the makeup, the hair, the nails, everything! I am addicted and don't see myself recovering soon...

2 // I've been trying out 'oil pulling', a new [or very old] thing that maybe some of you have heard about. it's basically a method of detoxifying your mouth and body through swishing coconut oil [or other kinds] in your mouth for 20 minutes a day. it sounds crazy, but it's been said to cure/clear up skin conditions, oral health problems, and improve your overall health. I blame Pinterest, but so far I've been enjoying it, yet not fully seen any 'miraculous' results. we will see!

3 // maybe it's a given, but I've just been smitten with the sun. anytime it's out, my mood improves drastically. a year ago I was living in California and never really experienced this same mood boost, because every day the weather is the same: too hot. lately, I will take myself to the park and picnic for a few hours in the sun or shade of a tree and read, fully enjoying the company of my own solitude. finding happiness within myself is a new thing for me and, with the help of some sunny days, it's becoming a more frequent and enjoyable treat.

4 // call me crazy, [ahem, mom & dad] but I am really trying to get a scooter. like a little Vespa/moped to get to and from work. my commute is short and I would save so much on gas. apparently my dad has 'vetoed' this idea, but let's try to convince him otherwise, okay?! ;)

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  1. i've been loving your blog, just discovered it! i know what you mean about enjoying your own company, i think too few of us really value ourselves enough to spend time alone, enjoying things without other people. it's something i'm working on as well, and it's totally worthwhile. love your style and photos and writing, lady! <3