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follow friday: @charlotte_little_wolf

name // Charlotte Gane
age // 27
location // Seattle, WA
occupation // Graphic Designer/Chalkboard Artist for Whole Foods Market
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i had the pleasure of meeting charlotte for the first time as we danced our way into 2014 together at a new year's eve party. her being one of my only fans left in the room, cheering me on, after my horrible karaoke cover of avril lavigne 'sk8er boi', i knew this was the beginning of a true and lasting friendship. soon after, i met her adorable pup otis who is a total ladies' man, and was then invited to 'phat girls in pajamas' also known as girl's night. charlotte is hilarious, [does a killer british accent, naturally] down to earth, and an incredibly talented artist! plus, a super genuine, beautiful person inside and out anyone will be blessed to meet!
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1 // how long have you been illustrating, photographing, and into being a badass artsy girl? ;)
Since I came out of the womb. I've been doing all kinds of art since I can remember... I got really into scientific illustration and digital printmaking in college. I've always done photography for fun, but would like to get more serious about it. & I didn't know I was badass ;)

2 // rumor has it you're from England! when and why did you end up in the states?! 
I was born & raised in Bristol, UK. I lived there in a small farm village until I was 10ish. Then I lived in Singapore for two years. We moved around a lot because of my dad's job. One day he asked if I wanted to live in Australia or the US. I don't know why I didn't say Australia because I had visited there for a month & it's the best place on earth... But I really wanted to meet Micky Mouse so I chose the States. 

3 // do you have plans of ever moving back to England? 
I would totally move there for a year or two but I don't see my life there. I just love visiting.

4 // what inspires your art? 
Nature & femininity. I spend a lot of time hiking. The outdoors is really healing and refreshing for me. I love people & relationships inspire me. Also lyrics/poetry/anything I'm reading at the time. 

5 // what have you been jammin' to lately? 
Mmm Lord Huron, Deep Sea Diver, Joseph, Billie Holiday, The Chariot... & a lot of 90's jams.

6 // your French bulldog Otis is charming/adorable/handsome/the best, tell us his story!
I picked him up in Sutherlin, OR on my roadtrip/move up to Seattle. I had to choose between two pups, I picked him up and he fell asleep in my arms. I knew he was the one haha. He's the cuddliest little dude. He loves to dance and is the life of the party, but he can also clear the room with his constant farts.
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7 // if you could only eat one food and drink one beverage the rest of your life (besides water) what would they be? 
I'd have to say... A bacon avocado cheese burger with fries and tons of ranch (yeah, I'm a fatty) and PG tips British Breakfast tea.

8 // your tattoos are beautiful and awesome, tell us about your favorite one and your most recent one?:
My favorite is the one I got for my dad. We used to build bows & arrows when I was little... We'd go on walks in the forest and he'd say "let's get lost!" I would think we were lost but really he knew where we were... I would pick yellow dandelions and he told me if I put them in a glass, over night it would turn into orange juice. So I'd wake up excited in the morning and sure enough the dandelions would have turned into OJ... SO the tattoo is two crossing arrows with a Lets Get Lost banner surrounded by dandelions... WOW that was a lot to explain. I also love my chest tattoo, which is the first verse I ever read in the Bible.
My newest tattoo is a little wolf(my nick name) surrounded by lavender & pinecones... Which was closure for all the crazy seasons of life I've been going through these last few years. 

9 // what is something you're really into or stoked about right now? (fashion, food, hobby/activity, anything?) 
I'm super into crocheting beanies & scarves (yes, I'm a grandma) I love making dream catchers & collecting skulls. I also have a huge feather collection including owl & hawk feathers I've found on hikes. I'm obsessed with drinking Slate Coffee's espresso with almond milk. 

10 // where would you like to be personally and professionally in 5 years?
Personally, I like to be well-rooted in a community. I say that because I've only been in Seattle a year, so I'm still making friends. I'd hope have grown even more spiritually & really worked on my flaws/faced some of my fears. Hopefully I'd be married too, but who knows. I just hope I can give love to the people I meet & be present. I hope to always travel/adventure/wander. 
Professionally, I'm super thankful that I get to create art in my current job. I'd like to have a career that pushes my art further and is even more art focused. I've always wanted to be a Tattooer &/or be an Art Therapist. 

11 // if you could send a message to everyone in the world, what would you want to tell them?
Love God. Love people. 

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website! // charlottegane.com
email her! // charlar@gmail.com

i mean, come on! look at her skills! check out her site for more of her work!
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thanks for being part of follow friday, charlotte & otis!!
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  1. this post was amazing. i loved getting to read a little about her life. and her tattoos! c'mon! so. cool.

  2. That. Dog. Is. Incredible.
    And that lady is super beautiful too :)
    Great feature, girls!
    xoxo Chelsea Francis