Wednesday, February 12, 2014


bonjour! ("i dont know what to say because i feel like i am on a first date"- chelsea)

let's begin with sharing a bit about ourselves! ("that's what you do on a first date, right?"- kaitlin)

kaitlin elaine is a 24 year old (single) lady living in the seattle, washington area.
she is a nature loving, hair + makeup artist.  kaitlin will be featuring posts on her favorite brands of makeup + hair products and also will have tutorials!
she has an old soul (she was born in the wrong decade) but the silliest personality that you will come across. she doesn't take herself seriously. also, she loves to go vintage shopping (which we will have a thrifty thursday post!)

you can find her on instagram @mermaaidy

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chelsea diane is a 25 year old lady that lives in norfolk, virginia and currently dating a bearded fellow.
she is a full time wedding photographer and kitten mama (you'll hear lots about jackson + evie on this blog). also, she lives a mostly vegan lifestyle which we will include food posts for you foodies out there! she has a passion for calligraphy (we will share her desktop calendars on here), midcentury furniture and pen-palling.

you can find her on instagram @chelseadiane

we are so excited for this new venture of blogging together! can't wait to share the things we love with you all.

x's + o's,
chelsea diane & kaitlin elaine


  1. I'm so glad you two have joined the blogging community! Can't wait to see where this blog takes you, and I am excited to follow along. You two are the prettiest girls around.


    1. thanks so much! we are excited for you to follow along! your blog looks awesome! xo

  2. so stoked the two of you are making this happen. i have followed (insert shame face at the creep factor associated with that) on IG for awhile and liked photo after photo and thoughtful/sincere caption after caption. Can't wait to see how this blog grows and transforms! and also, ya'll friendship seems pretty dang great!!!

    1. yay thank you! now you can keep up with both of us simultaneously! thanks for your support! xo

  3. Just found you guys via deer circus blog and I love the east/west coast combo! I'm a Marylander, so I get excited about people blogging from my region :)

  4. I'm super excited I found you two (via Instagram)! Loving everything I've seen so far, & can't wait to keep reading along :)