Thursday, February 20, 2014

thrifty thursday: recent finds

i have been thrift store shopping for as long as i can remember. [yes, even before macklemore sang about it.] "thrifting" has become a regular verb in my vocabulary and something i tend to do regularly with my friends or by myself on a weekly basis.

it's treasure hunting: digging, ripping, and searching through piles and racks of old, musty, potentially gross and mostly ugly things to find the one gem that makes angels sing from above!

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here are a few things i've scored within the last month!

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1 // seahawks beanie // ballard goodwill
i don't play, watch, read, or care about football, or any sports. but when the seattle seahawks qualified to play in the superbowl, i considered finding something team-related to represent my city. a week before superbowl sunday, i didn't have to go out of my way to find this vintage seahawks beanie [by random chance!] at goodwill. the employees both tried to tell me it wasn't authentic and a man tried to buy it from me while in the store. $6 later i had myself a winning team hat!

2 // vintage durango boots // house of vintage
shoes are always something i hunt for while thrifting. some people find it gross, but if they are in decent condition, [you can sanitize them] they can be such a steal! i found these boots in portland for $16... no tax! they fit like a glove and are so comfy, no wonder they are quickly becoming my new favorite shoes. there's nothing quite like a well-worn pair of leather lace up boots.

3 // suede fringe vest // redlight vintage
seattle has some of the best thrift and vintage shopping around. redlight is a great place to find real vintage pieces from specific decades for parties or just to enhance your own personal style. i did purchase this vest for a 70's themed roller skating party, but i will most definitely be rocking this in real life, and more than once... all the time.

4 // floral granny mug // everett goodwill
i love vintage coffee mugs and tea cups. sanitize them in the dishwasher and they are like brand new, but better! old mugs have so much more character, plus look adorable and when you have guests over, everyone will know who's coffee is whose. this mustard floral cup was calling my name, and you can't beat the price of 49 cents. [it's like practically stealing!]

5 // disposable film camera // everett goodwill
i am not a photographer by any means [i'll leave that up to chelsea!] but i do enjoy taking pictures. usually with my phone, and that's usually where they stay. memories are made and captured and many are never shared with the world. that is why i love disposable cameras. i like to keep one with me all the time to capture random moments over a period of time. it's so fun to get them developed and reveal the moments you might have never remembered otherwise. i love thrifting these cameras for $2 or $3, but make sure they are still wrapped and unused!

what are the things you hunt for at the thrift store? a few of my other favorites are books, old cd's, jewelry, and unique furniture.

happy thrifting!
x's + o's,
kaitlin elaine

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  1. oh, kaitlin, you are making me miss seattle like nothin' else! redlight really is the best. and i totally agree…that city has some of the best thrifting around. i'm lucky that in denver there are still so many good spots…but i sure can't wait to be back there next year!

    also…i've never thought to look for disposable cameras…that's actually a really fun idea. we have our share of DSLRs + film cameras…but there's something so fun & exciting about a disposable one. i might save them until they're slightly expired to see what fun effects i get on the film.

    loving this corner of the blog world you two have adopted! : )