Monday, February 17, 2014

make-up monday: current daily favorites

i am constantly receiving questions about makeup: what i use, what i love, and how i use what i love. it's no secret i love makeup, but when it comes down to it, i'm not a makeup snob. what works, works and it doesn't mean high-end, expensive products are always better.

time to share a few products i use daily and i am loving!

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what i use --

1 // mac highlighter in rose ole
2 // laura mericer loose mineral powder in tender rose
3 // benefit 'they're real!' mascara in black
4 // e.l.f flat top powder brush
5 // almay liquid liner in black
6 // garnier bb cream for oily/combo skin in light/medium
7 // bare minerals 'warmth' powder
8 // physician's formula blush in rose
9 // nars lipstick in jungle red
10 // l'oreal color riche matte lipstick in matte-r of fact
11 // revlon colorburst matte balm in standout
12 // urban decay naked 3 palette

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

why i love --

1 // this highlighting powder is a beautiful rose gold color and is subtle enough to be used all over the face if a dewy skin look is desired. having oily skin myself, i prefer to apply it to the high points of my face [top of cheek bones, bridge of nose, brow bone, cupids bow, etc]. unlike some highlighters, it's not going to make you glow like a disco ball on a bright sunny day, so it's great for every day.

2 // this is my holy grail product. i will never stop using it. i have always used and loved mineral powders/foundations [i have oily, breakout prone & sensitive skin] and this beats any and all others i've ever tried. the finish is not completely matte and doesn't leave your skin looking powdery, but gives you the most flawless coverage even when your skin is far from it! [see #4 for it's partner in crime for application]

3 // i've gone through 2 or 3 samples of this mascara and it's time to invest in full size. i love big, voluminous, long lashes, and this mascara provides just that. the brush is separating and has a unique, spiky, ball-like end on it to get those tiny corner and bottom lashes. plus the formula builds up well and doesn't become clumpy or too spidery. [but sometimes i don't mind the spider look ;)]

4 // do you have $3? then you can own this brush. like i mentioned, i'm not a makeup snob, and this just goes to show high-end products aren't always better. from the way this brush performs and feels [so soft!], i would guess it costs at least $25. it is made of synthetic hair [vegan!] which has never shed, fallen out, or left black hairs on my face. [ew, right?] i use this brush to apply the laura mercier mineral powder [#2] all over my face and because the hairs are so densely packed, it gives me the best, most flawless coverage!

5 // i have sensitive skin and eyes [i'm just so sensitive you guys!] so i sometimes have to be careful about the products i use. this black liquid liner is hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers. it's easy to apply with a felt-tip applicator and dries matte, not shiny or glossy like some liners do so it's great for a daytime cat eye.

6 // bb creams have been all the rage for the last year or so. similar to a tinted moisturizer, they contain spf and other skin care benefits like fading dark spots, etc. i finally hopped on the bandwagon but didn't want to splurge on a product i could potentially be let down by. honestly, the first time i purchased this product, i was indeed let down. my face was a shiny mess, and even after powdering, my makeup melted off my face. plus, i chose the lightest shade available being 'fairly' fair, and it looked orange! [ew!] BUT a year later i decided to give it another try, and this bb has been redeemed! they have revised their formulas catering to dry and oily skin types separately. the new finish is much more matte and still very moisturizing! plus, the color is a perfect match.

7 // used sparingly, this bronzer can a) last you a year, and b) give your skin a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. [or, used as a contour can sculpt your face like nobody's business.] it does have a somewhat red undertone, so be careful if you are extremely fair skinned. i use it all over my face in summer and mostly on my cheeks during the cooler months. [it can double as a natural blush shade if you're in a hurry!] use with a fluffy angled brush and blend well.

8 // who doesn't love pink? aside from making you look ten times healthier and awake, a pink flush to the skin makes you happy. this specific blush is not only cute [have you seen the hearts?] but it is called 'happy booster' because the actual color is scientifically proven to boost your mood! just what we're needing in these gloomy months of winter. plus all products from this line are good for your skin and won't break you out.

9 // red lips are so important to me, and my girl chelsea agrees. she gave me this lipstick recently and i have had to try to not wear it every day since. it's a very florescent red shade, probably best suited for spring and summer, but i honestly don't care about the 'rules': i love my red lips! 

10 // on the opposite side of the red scale, this deep, winey red lipstick was seen on my face for probably all of october, november, and december. wearing dark colors can sometimes be intimidating but here's my tip: own it. no one is going to know it's your first rodeo rocking the red. and second, opt for a matte formula [not glossy or shiny]. matte will stay in place and not end up on your nose or chin or teeth [guilty]. this specific product is matte, and is advertised as a liner and lipstick in one. it applies like a dream and you can trace the shape of your lips perfectly! [unfortunately this was a limited edition product and i am not sure if they are still available everywhere, eek!]

11 // for you in-betweeners out there, here's a good beginners lipstick. these balms are so lightweight and moisturizing! easy to apply, and i love that they now come in matte. i chose the darkest red available, but it is still very bright and cheery. it stays in place and wears a very long time even through long days and sipping your coffee.

12 // eyeshadow isn't for everyone, but i guarantee this palette will convert you. after a month of owning this beauty, a day hasn't gone by that i haven't used at least one of the 12 gorgeous rose gold shades. there are a handful of great matte shades, but mostly beautiful, glittery and shimmery golds and pinks that flatter every eye color! they're like velvet, or butter, [just amazing!] to apply and i haven't heard one person say something bad about it, and i'm not going to be the first!

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[in order: revlon standout, l'oreal matte-r of fact, nars jungle red]
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

what are your favorites? have you tried any of mine? let us know what you would like to see on next make-up monday!

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  1. can someone explore GOLD eyeliner? I really want to get into some but have no idea where to start :) :*

  2. I totally got that ELF brush after reading this. I'm a big fan of ELF products but I usually need someone to give me a push first! ;) I also currently use Alima Pure mineral foundation, but after reading about your Laura Mercier, I'm tempted to try! Loved this post.

    - Sarah