Thursday, February 27, 2014

spaghetti squash obsession

it is no secret that i love food.
when i went out to visit kaitlin i brought enough money to splurge on good food and delicious coffee.
but as much as i love my sweets, i am a health nut.

a little about me:
i have been practicing vegetarianism for the past 6 years and have been vegan on & off for the past year.
the thing is, i have never been a big meat eater.
and as much as i love my strawberry ice-cream, it kills my stomach.
so the vegan diet just makes me feel better (and look better!)  but i know it's not for everyone.
so i will be posting yummy recipes that works for all eaters.
like this delicious spaghetti squash that my wonderful boyfriend whipped up for this post.
this is great vegan meal, all you need is the squash and the sauce.
but for you vegetarians, get crazy and add some parmesan cheese.
for you meat eaters, do all the above and add some grilled chicken.

this meal is as a simple as it gets.

(Prep time: an hour & a half)

what you need:

> one plump squash
> a bundle of asparagus
> olive oil
> a pinch of salt
> a jar of red sauce (we chose roasted garlic)
> lemon pepper
> parmesan cheese (optional)

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1. preheat the oven at 350 degrees 
2. cut the squash in half

3. grab a spoon and scrape out all the seeds & goo

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4. lather your squash up with some olive oil (but not too much)

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5. place the squash in the oven.
if you have an electric stove it will take an hour to cook, 
but if you own a gas stove like me it only took about 40 minutes for it to cook. 
check the squash by placing a fork in it to check the tenderness.

6. asparagus time! 
7. cut the ends off of the asparagus

8. grab the olive oil and put a dab of it in the pan along with your asparagus

9. cook asparagus, add a bit of lemon pepper or whatever seasoning that pleases you. cook asparagus til tender (and super green!)

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10. take the squash out of the oven once tender 
 grab a fork and start scooping the squash out (see video for example)

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11. heat up your sauce 
12. we chose to use fresh parmesan to garnish our dish

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13. gather your asparagus, top the squash with sauce & cheese, 
and you have a delicious meal! (with a lot of left overs)

bonnie wishes she could have some of the spaghetti squash!

a special thanks to my boyfriend andrew who prepared this delicious meal
& who is so supportive of this blog!

bon app├ętit!
x's & o's,
chelsea diane


  1. This is so perfect! Someone gifted me a Spaghetti squash the other day and I had no idea what to do with it..

  2. I love me some squash but you know my favorite part of this post is that baby girl puppy!