Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tuesday tunes: work out jams!

since ending my gym membership last year, i have had a hard time getting back into any kind of workout routine. it is especially difficult throughout the winter months here... exercise ends up becoming nonexistent and i go into hibernation mode... literally.

coming out of my bear-like state as the flowers do in spring, i have tried to form a better routine on my days off to get up and get outside. and what helps more than an awesome playlist to jam out to while you're running, lunging, stretching, squatting, or just moving?! my friend bethany has compiled the best workout playlist on her rdio account, so i plugged in my headphones and couldn't help but dance a little as a ran along during my morning routine!

listen here!

songs include:
childish gambino // IV. sweatpants
tyga // molly
dj snake + lil john // turn down for what
kanye west // black skinhead
calvin harris // let's go
macklemore + ryan lewis // can't hold us
iggy azalea // fancy
n.a.s.a + aynsli jones // hide [tropkillaz remix]
+++ lot's more!

i encourage you to get outside on a nice day and at least walk if anything! sometimes i plan to just walk and end up running and skipping along to the music! just because you don't have a gym membership doesn't mean you can work out and get some kind of exercise. you'll feel so much better if you just move a little more than usual!

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kaitlin elaine

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